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The open day at Dagestan State Medical University



The open day was held on March 13 at Dagestan State Medical University. High school students who want to become medical workers were invited to the event. The open day was visited by the rector of DSMA Suleiman Mamayev, head of the Department of education of Makhachkala Zakir Kaidov, teachers and high school students of Makhachkala schools.

For the guests were organized tours of the University. Rector together with Z. Kaidov and students visited the Youth center of the DSMU, The Museum of history of the University, the anatomical Museum, the Scientific library of the University. S. Mamayev  familiarized Z. Kaidov with the work of the Department of electronic catalogs, the hall of scientific literature, the hall of scientific, medical and socio-political literature. It was noted that modern educational technologies are being actively introduced in the DSMU, students and teachers use electronic scientific and educational resources. The Museum of the history of the University told the guests about the formation of the University, its leaders in different years, showed medical devices on display.

After visiting the anatomical Museum, all gathered in the lecture hall of the Morphological building of DGMU. S. Mamayev welcomed all high school students and their accompanying, noting that he would be glad to see students as entrants. But he also stressed that the choice of the profession of doctor should be conscious and made by the students themselves, not their relatives and friends, because this profession requires a lot of effort and great dedication. “We have had a lot of success recently, especially in youth policy. We’re talking about practice-oriented learning. Our students represent the University and the Republic at all-Russian and international competitions and conferences. Student rescue squad DSTU “Snow leopard” is one of the best in the country. They are winners of all-Russian student Olympiad in practical medical training “Golden Medskill” and other events.

 Great strides has DSMU  in  scientific work too. Just two weeks ago in the First MSMU named after Sechenov has passed the “Baton of University of science – 2019”, the results of which our University for the second time became the winner in the category 5 TOP UNIVERSITIES, and became the Head of the base University in the event next year. That is, projects sent to the competition will be subject to expert review on the basis of DSMU.

Zakir Kaidov in his address to the audience noted that education, spirituality and medicine are three things that at all times saved a person from degradation and destruction. “We are very pleased that many of our students become entrants, and then students of  Dagestan state medical University. Today we are convinced that the new leadership in the person of Suleiman Nuretdinovich done a lot for students. There are good sports grounds and a gym, excellent training and lecture rooms, a Museum, a Scientific library. In short there is everything for those who really want to learn. I hope that many of those who came here today as high school students will be students next year, and some of the best and most successful. I think that the teaching staff of the medical University can compete with many leading universities of the Russian Federation. I wish everyone good luck, health, prosperity, and the University – to improve the material and technical base and further success.”

Then, students and their teachers were greeted by the Vice – rector for academic Affairs Ruslan Shakhbanov, Dean of the medical faculty Razin Ragimov  who noted that the choice of profession is a very serious stage in the life of every person, which determines his future destiny. They noted that the profession of a doctor requires constant training and constant work on themselves and wished all students good luck in entering the University and further study.

Next spoke  the responsible Secretary of the selection Committee Ilyas Kislev, which familiarized participants with the rules of admission to Dagestan state medical University.


During the event, the guests were shown a film about the history of the University, told about the DSMU through the eyes of students, held a master class on first aid and introduced to the work of student associations of the University. In conclusion, the activists of the center of culture of the DSMU presented some of the presentation.