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The qualifying round of the All-Russian festival “Student Spring festival” was held in DSMU




The qualifying round of the All-Russian festival “Student Spring” took place on April 9 in the Assembly Hall of the Scientific and Educational Innovation Center of Dagestan State Medical University.

Activists of the DSMU Cultural center presented to the jury and the audience their best vocal, instrumental and choreographic performances.

Festival participants, jury members and all guests were welcomed by the rector of DSMU Suleiman Mammaev. “Today we have a solemn spring day, when we hold the next traditional Student Spring Festival”.

Dagestan State Medical University has always been famous not only for its excellent scientists, excellent teaching staff, but also for our active, talented, creative and purposeful youth. Doctors have always been not only professionals in their field, but also writers, poets, and musicians. There are many examples of this. One of them is the famous Dagestani composer Sergey Agababov, who graduated with honors from the Dagestan Medical Institute; in addition, he was an outstanding composer who wrote music in both instrumental and vocal genres.

This year we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the creation of our vocal and instrumental ensemble “Khrustalik”. We will celebrate the holiday with the whole team.

I think a competent jury will fairly evaluate our talents. I wish the participants to give a brilliant and decent performance,” Suleiman Mammaev said in his speech.

The event was attended by vice-rectors of the university, deans of faculties, teachers of the university.

The jury that evaluated the performances of the participants included: Arsen Huseynov-Head of the Department of Creative and leisure programs of the Republican Youth Center of the Ministry of Youth of the Republic of Moldova; Emilya Ulumieva-Deputy Director of the Republican Youth Center of the Ministry of Youth of the Republic of Moldova; Amina Kihasurova — Chief specialist of the Department of creative programs and projects of the Republican Youth Center.

The concert part of the festival was presented with a variety of performances: dancing, vocals, Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted team, modern dance. The audience enthusiastically accepted the number VIE “Khrustalik” of the DSMU Cultural Center-the folk song “Chargudey” performed by the vocal director Haji Bashirkhanov, Anzhelika Muslimova, Anisat Magomedova and Nadir Abdullayev. The hall always enthusiastically accepts the songs of Abdulla Fataliyev, this time he sang the song “Medicine”. All participants of the festival demonstrated excellent creative skills. The best numbers will be selected for the next stage of the “Student Spring festival”.

DSMU Press Service