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The regional stage of the All-Russian Olympiad of Schoolchildren in Biology was held at DSMU



The regional stage of the XXXVIII All-Russian Olympiad of Schoolchildren in Biology was held on the basis of Dagestan State Medical University on January 25-27. The Olympiad was held in 2 stages: theoretical and practical and involved the participants performing written tasks on various substantive sections of the discipline “Biology” separately for grades 9, 10, 11. A total of 137 participants, winners of the city and municipal stages were announced. The event was opened by the chairman of the jury, Head of the Department of Medical Biology of DSMU Abdurakhman Magomedov, who on behalf of the acting Rector of DSMU Visampashi Khanalieva welcomed the participants and noted that participation in the Olympiad at the regional level is already a great merit of each participant. “Thanks to your talent, high motivation and support from mentors and parents, you managed to overcome all the previous stages with dignity and today you have to fight for the title of the best biology student in our republic,” he said.

Welcoming the participants of the Olympiad, director of the REC for the Perspective Development of Medicine and Technological Initiatives of DSMU Naida Abdullaeva  spoke about the opportunities provided by the center for young people and the younger generation of junior, middle and senior school age. She noted that now it is enough to apply to the center for help to develop your ideas, where qualified specialists from various fields of medicine and pharmacy will help in the implementation of ideas and projects.

Gratitude for the organization of the Biology Olympiad is expressed to all employees of the department, participants of the scientific circle of the Department of Medical Biology and Normal Physiology, as well as to the volunteers of  Dagestan  State Medical University.