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The regular meeting in the framework of the prevention of extremism, terrorism, and drug addiction among students was held at the DSMU




On June 15, DSMU hosted a meeting of representatives of the law enforcement agencies of the RD with students on the prevention of the ideology of extremism, terrorism, and drug addiction.   

The guests of the event were Yakub Karakhanov, CO CID for the Sovetsky district of Makhachkala, Shamil Makhkaliyev, CO DCS for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Makhachkala, Huseyn Jabrailov, LPO for the Sovetsky district of Makhachkala, Shamil Imanshapiyev, inspector of the Traffic Police of the PO for the Sovetsky district of Makhachkala.

Acting Vice-Rector for Public Relations and Social and Educational Work Elmira Abieva welcomed the participants on behalf of the university management, emphasizing the topicality of the topic of the meeting. “Health is the main value of life. Statistics on the use of narcotic drugs in the republic, unfortunately, does not allow us to relax. We must always be on our guard. At our university, we focus on preventive work with students. This includes mass events aimed, among other things, at promoting a healthy lifestyle, conferences, seminars and individual and group conversations. And we will continue this work,” said Elmira Abieva.

During the meeting, the speakers paid special attention to the legal foundations of the fight against terrorism and extremism, voiced and explained the provisions of a number of articles of the administrative and criminal Codes of the Russian Federation on crimes and offenses related to terrorist and extremist activities, the use and sale of narcotic substances, gave examples of such offenses and crimes identified in the republic, told about the preventive work carried out by police officers and other law enforcement agencies, we discussed in detail the algorithm of actions when detecting suspicious objects and persons.

“We often see the broken lives of young people who have joined antisocial groups and started using narcotic substances. There are a lot of girls among them, which is especially sad. Therefore, if you find people with atypical, suspicious behavior in your environment, please contact the district police officer in your area, which can be done anonymously. You can also call me at my personal number,” Huseyn Dzhabrailov addressed the audience.

“It is necessary to be careful in your statements, especially on forums on the Internet, to be respectful towards people, including those of a different nationality, religion, social status. Do not enter into a dialogue with suspicious and unfamiliar people, especially if you are promised fast and high earnings in a short time. As a rule, it is precisely to such promises of recruiters that teenagers of 15-16 years react,” Shamil Imanshapiyev touched on the topic of Internet security in his address to students.

   At the end of the experts ‘ presentations, the students asked them their questions.