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The Republic Day of India was celebrated in DSMU



On Wednesday, January 26, Dagestan State Medical University hosted events dedicated to the Day of the Republic of India. Republic Day was introduced in India in 1950 and is celebrated annually on January 26. It is a national holiday celebrating the adoption of the Constitution of India and the country’s transition from the status of a British dominion to a republic.

The events began with the ceremony of raising the flag of the Republic of India on the building of the dormitory for foreign students of  Dagestan State Medical University and the performance of the anthem.

The events continued in the  conference hall of Scientific and Educational Innovation Centerof   DSMU. On this day, the following people came to congratulate the citizens of India studying at DSMU: Acting Rector of DSMU VisampashaKhanaliev, Head of the Department for Adaptation of Foreign Citizens of the Ministry of National Policy KhasaybatValieva, Acting Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs RazinRagimov, Acting Vice-Rector for Strategic Development and Digital Transformation JamilaOmarova and others. The event was organized by the Department of International Relations of  DSMU.

Addressing the audience, V. Khanaliev reminded that foreign citizens from 35 countries of the world are currently studying at Dagestan State Medical University. “Many of our graduates work in different parts of the world. The university administration is doing everything to improve the quality of training of specialists and we are proud that the geography of our students is expanding every year.

Today I want to congratulate our students from India on one of the most important national holidays such as Republic Day. It was on this day in 1950 that the country adopted a Constitution for all its states and approved a sovereign democratic status. I am very glad that relations between our countries are developing and have deep historical roots. I wish all residents of the Republic of India well-being and prosperity, good health, academic success, confidence in the future, a peaceful and bright future,” he said.

  1. Ragimov and Kh.Valieva also addressed congratulations to the students. Parents of DSMU students living in India, as well as graduates of our university – citizens of the Republic of India, spoke online.

After the welcoming speeches, the students showed the guests a small concert program.