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The scientific and practical conference of otorhinolaryngologists of the NCFD with international participation was held in the DSMU




The Scientific and Practical Conference of Otorinolargoologists of the North Caucasus Federal District with international participation was held on June 10 at the Scientific and Educational Innovation Center of the Dagestan State Medical University. Leading experts in the field of otolaryngology in Russia and abroad came to take part in the conference.

Yunuskadi Jamaludinov, Head of the Department of Ear, Throat and Nose Diseases with advanced training of DSMU doctors, chief freelance specialist-otorhinolaryngologist of the Ministry of Health of the RD, addressed the conference participants with a welcoming speech. “After the pandemic, when all mass events were canceled, we meet in such a composition for the first time. This is the first experience where there is an equal full interaction between private practicing doctors, private clinics, the Ministry of Health of the RD and DSMU”. We share in the common cause. The conference program includes an extensive work plan, and many lectures on current topics will be presented. I wish the conference a successful work, and the guests a good time in Dagestan, gain experience and new knowledge,” Jamaludinov said in his speech.

Vice-Rector for Medical Work Magomed Khamidov addressed the audience on behalf of the Acting Rector of DSMU Naida Mollayeva: “Every year our traditional annual forum is gaining more and more participants, and its status is rising to a higher level. This is evidenced by the number of participants – the conference is held within the framework of the NCFD. The crowded hall today speaks about the level of this event. I would like to thank all the organizers and the guests for their support in organizing the conference. I wish you all success, new ideas, creative solutions and a wonderful stay in sunny Dagestan”.

On behalf of the Minister of Health of the RD, the guests were welcomed by Deputy Minister Raisa Shakhsinova. “Today’s conference involves the exchange of experience, the acquisition of new knowledge. The year 2020 has made its own adjustments to the scientific life of the republic with the cancellation of mass events. New events in the format of remote communication have entered our lives, but nothing can replace live communication. Conferences are more productive and useful when there is an opportunity to communicate live. The geography of the participants of today’s conference is great, many participants and guests from all over Russia have arrived. I am sure that everyone will have a positive experience and good impressions after the conference,” Shakhsinova said in her speech.

She expressed gratitude to the organizers of the conference for the opportunity to improve the skills of specialists and to Yunuskadi Jamaludinov personally – for the introduction of high-tech methods of treatment in the republic, for his tireless work for the benefit of his service.

Ivan Koshel, chief freelance specialist – otorhinolaryngologist of the North Caucasus Federal District, Chief physician of the State Medical Institution of the Stavropol Territory “Shpakovskaya District Hospital”, was the next to greet the conference participants. “The past year has been difficult for the entire medical community. Doctors are only now feeling some relaxation after the 2020 pandemic that has hit us. As the head doctor of the hospital, I felt all the hardships of the year of the pandemic and the slow withdrawal from the impending disaster. Thank you to the organizers for giving us this holiday-a meeting with colleagues. We’re getting back to the normal life we’re used to. Remote communication cannot replace live communication in any way, it is worth a lot. I wish you all fruitful work,” he said.

Tamerlan Mukhamedov, head of the territorial body of the Federal Service for Supervision of Healthcare in the RD, also expressed gratitude to the organizers. “I would like our otorhinoloringologists to gain a lot of experience and pass on invaluable knowledge to each other in the light of this forum,” he said.

The plenary part of the conference began with an online presentation. The report “The role of selective reinnervation in the treatment of bilateral laryngeal paralysis” was presented by lecturer Roberto Puxeddu-Professor, otorhinolaryngologist, oncologist, Head of the Otorhinolaryngology Section of the Surgical Department of the University of Cagliari School of Medicine, member of the Royal Chamber of Surgeons of Great Britain; leading consultant in the field of Otorhinolaryngology, head and neck Surgery of the Royal Chamber of Surgeons of Great Britain (FRCS), member of the European Society of Laryngologists.

Next, the audience had the opportunity to listen to a number of interesting reports: “Innovations in the treatment of severe CRP: the view of an allergist-immunologist” (lecturer: Olga Ukhanova-Professor of the Department of Immunology of Stavropol State Medical University, chief freelance allergist-immunologist of the Ministry of Health); “Differential diagnosis of diseases and conditions accompanied by a feeling of dryness in the nasal cavity” (lecturer: Svetlana Kovalenko-chief pediatric audiologist-otorhinolaryngologist of Krasnodar) and others.

After a short break, the conference continued its work in sections. Two master classes were presented: “Pediatric surgery in otorhinolaryngology” and “Laryngeal microsurgery. Opportunities and results”.

The next day, the conference will continue its work, where a number of interesting reports will also be presented.

DSMU Press Service