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The second vaccination point for COVID-19 has opened in DSMU



The second vaccination point was opened on July 8, 2021 at the Dagestan State Medical University.

The Rehabilitation Center office was re-equipped for the organization of the vaccination point. The point has all the conditions for vaccination and medical monitoring of vaccinated people for 30 minutes, as well as for storing the vaccine.

The point activity is provided by the staff of the Makhachkala polyclinic № 6.

The process of vaccination is accelerated by the volunteers of the Dagestan State Medical University. They inform senior citizens about the possibility of getting vaccinated, provide assistance when registering for the procedure, and conduct educational work among the population.

At the same point, volunteers meet those who want to get vaccinated, consult, distribute masks and gloves, and escort them to the offices.

It is the awareness of responsibility that helps volunteers to support doctors, bringing closer the final common victory over the coronavirus.

“First, I decided to see everything with my own eyes: how vaccination goes, learn about vaccines from doctors, who comes there, what they say, how they feel. Today I was vaccinated, and I feel good,” says the volunteer.

Recall that 177,807 people have already been vaccinated against coronavirus infection in Dagestan. On the eve of the republic received 13,050 doses of the vaccine “Gam-COVID-Bak” (“SPUTNIK V”), it is planned to supply more vaccines. Everyone who has received the vaccination feels well, in rare cases there is a short-term increase in body temperature. This is normal and indicates that a person is developing immunity to coronavirus infection.

The new vaccination center at 44 Imam-Shamil Avenue (DSMU Educational and Laboratory Building, Rehabilitation Center) is open every Thursday (from 10:00 to 14:00) and Friday (from 14:00 to 18:00).

Dina Balgishieva