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The signing of agreement between DSMU and ASMI on double diplomas.



   On Friday, January 25, in Dagestan State Medical University the signing ceremony between DSMU and Andijan State Medical Institute (Uzbekistan) of the additional Agreement on cooperation in the field of education took place. The event was attended by Anatoly Karibov – first Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Suleiman Mamayev-rector of DSMU, Madamin Madazimov- Minister of health of the Russian Federation, Jamaludin Hajiibragimov, – Minister of national policy and religious Affairs, Tatyana Gamaley – representative of the Russian foreign Ministry in the city. Makhachkala Amirkhan Magomeddadaev, representatives of ASMI, Vice rectors, deans and heads of departments DSMU.

Opening the event, S. Mamayev presented the guests and noted that for the DSMU today is a historic day-the signing  of the agreement on double diplomas. “The main Agreement with Andijan Medical Institute was signed by us in October 2018 within the framework of the Russian-Uzbek government Commission, which was held in Tashkent (Uzbekistan). The main Agreement provides for academic mobility of students and teachers, joint scientific conferences and internships. And today we are signing an Agreement on the issuance of double diplomas. This year we will start admitting students within the framework of this Agreement, and upon completion of training, these students will receive Russian diplomas and diplomas of the Uzbek Republic. The agreement provides for the establishment of a joint selection Committee and a Commission for the final certification of graduates.

All this will allow us to enter into a single international educational space. At the first stage, students will be recruited in the specialty “dentistry”, and from next year and in the specialty” medicine”, — said S. Mamayev.

He added that over the past three months since the signing of the Agreement, a lot of work has already been done – several major scientific and practical conferences on internal diseases, psychosomatics, online surgery have been held, the head of the Department of surgical dentistry of AGMI was trained in DSMU for a month in December 2018, and two students of the Andijan Medical Institute were trained in Dagestan. Head of the Department of skin and venereal diseases DSMU Marat Gadzhimuradov was trained in ASMI, he read lectures to students and teachers, conducted workshops, consultations patients.

Anatoly Karibov, welcoming the audience, said that today’s event is quite important for the Republic. “Quite a large Uzbek Diaspora lives in Dagestan, which will bring an additional impetus to our interstate relations. At the same time, the signing of this agreement will create additional preferences for our students, the opportunity to receive two diplomas. I am sure that this cooperation between Dagestan and Uzbekistan will have a positive impact on the level of education and training for practical health care. We are starting to implement national projects, including in the healthcare sector. One of the most important areas is the export of medical services. It is very important, and it is good that the Dagestan Medical University is at the forefront of this work,” he said.

Madamin Madazimov noted in his speech that the implementation of the cooperation Agreement is already quite active. “In the framework of today’s Agreement on the implementation of a joint program in the specialty «dentistry»   in the educational process will be introduced the most modern technologies – telemedicine, distance, electronic and simulation training. In addition, we plan to continue to conduct student exchange, organize summer schools, where students will learn the heritage and culture of our peoples, languages. «I am sure that this cooperation will bring great benefit to our students, young professionals,» he said. speaking about why DSMU was chosen for cooperation. M. Madazimov said that in the Andijan medical Institute is very well aware of DSMU. “The University is famous for its traditions and specialists. Many doctors, in particular dentists, who are still working in Uzbekistan, have been trained in the Dagestan University. Given the strengths of DSMU, we have chosen it as our partner and are confident that the cooperation will be fruitful and productive”, — concluded the rector of ASMI.

Jamaludin Gadzhibekov, Tatyana Gamaley, Amirkhan Magomeddadaev also said a word at this conference . They all stressed the long-standing friendly ties between Dagestan and Uzbekistan, noted the importance of today’s event, the need for external exchange between medical universities and its usefulness for both sides. Both the Ministry of health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in Makhachkala promised every support for the implementation of this Agreement.

Перевела: Курбанова М.А.