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The third vaccination point opens in DSMU



An additional third vaccination point against COVID-19 opens in the building of the hostel No. 3 of the Dagestan State Medical University at Rustamova 1.

The opening of the new point was held with the aim of helping practical healthcare and the need to unload the flow of those volunteers to get vaccinated at the point located on the main square of Makhachkala.

The day before, Acting Rector of DSMU Naida Mollayeva, Minister of Health of the Republic of Dagestan Tatyana Belyaeva, Deputy Minister Mazai Ramazanov, Acting Vice-Rector for Economics and Administrative and Economic Work Siyadat Idrisova got acquainted with the progress of preparing the vaccination point for the start of work.

About 50 people will be able to receive coronavirus vaccinations in the new vaccination center every day. It will be possible to get vaccinated with the “Sputnik V” “CoviVak” and “EpiVaccorona” vaccines developed by domestic manufacturers.

Recently, the vaccine “Sputnik V” and “CoviVak” was imported to Dagestan, which is carried out in two stages: the second injection is administered 2 weeks after the first (CoviVak), and 3 weeks (Sputnik V). A day before the re-vaccination, a notification will be sent to the State Services with a reminder of the re-vaccination.

It is noted that all the rules of epidemiological safety are observed in the new vaccination point. A freezer for storing vaccines is installed, there is a cabinet for medical products (personal protective equipment, napkins, disinfectants, and much more), and special markings are applied.

The flows of visitors are separated in such a way that there are no clusters and the vaccination process is as convenient as possible. The entire space is divided into zones. The first is the waiting room and filling out documents (informed consent and patient questionnaire, doctor’s examination and vaccination), the second is the office of preliminary examination of the patient by doctors and the vaccination zone.

Dagestan State University, in turn, will also provide a vaccination point with volunteers who will help doctors every day.

They will meet patients, conduct educational work and talk about the stages of vaccination, help with filling out forms and preparing the necessary documents.

The number of people vaccinated with the first component in Dagestan has exceeded 100 thousand people, but the virus is mutating and it is necessary to increase the level of antibodies in the body to protect yourself and your loved ones.

The new vaccination center will begin its work from Monday, July 19. Everyone, employees of nearby institutions and organizations can get vaccinated at the new point.

Dina Balgishieva