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The traditional meeting of the rector with first-year students



 On December 4, the annual meeting of the rector Suleiman Mammayev with first-year students was held in the building of the DSMU Biological Faculty. Deans of all faculties and heads of university structural divisions also arrived at the meeting with the students.

“Dear students, dear colleagues. For the second year in a row we have been meeting with students. Today, too, the most active youth, the headmen of all courses, gathered in the hall. The meeting should consider the problems of the students arising in the first year. Students can ask all the questions that concern them today and make it difficult, “Mammaev said.

The questions asked by the students were varied; starting from colloquiums and ending with a non-working elevator in the 9-storey building in I. Shamil avenue. All items were discussed together, the rector did not ignore a single issue of students.

DSMU Press Service