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The VII th meeting of the Society of Young Surgeons was held at DSMU



  The regular VII meeting of the Dagestan Scientific and Methodological organization “Society of Young Surgeons” was held in the building of the morphological building of Dagestan State Medical University on November 18, 2022.

  The meeting was attended by: Acting Vice-Rector for Medical Work, Head of the Department of Endoscopic Surgery of the Faculty of advanced training, scientific director of the Society of Young Surgeons Magomed Khamidov; young surgeons working in surgical departments of the city; residents and graduate students of Dagestan State Medical University.

   Magomed Khamidov greeted the audience on behalf of the acting rector of  DSMU Visampasha Khanaliev. First, he introduced the newly elected head of the “Society of Young Surgeons”, a 5th-year student of the Faculty of Medicine Jamila Rustamova.

  “It is very nice to see young guys with burning eyes, ready to get new knowledge. We are your mentors and will accompany you everywhere, help you move forward and become independent. The most important thing in life is to find yourself, your way, love your job, try to be the best; and your mentors will always help you in this,”-  said Magomed Khamidov .

Two reports were listened to at the meeting:

“Bariatric surgery” (speaker – Assistant of the Department of General Surgery, Head of the Surgical Department of Makhachkala Clinical Hospital Khamid Gasanov);

  “Remission of  diabetes mellitus of  the second type   after bariatric surgery” (a 6th year student of the Faculty of Medicine Khadizhat Gasanova).

  Then Khamid Gasanov presented two master classes from his practice “Applying a stapler suture to the stomach using a stitching device” and “Applying clips to a stapler suture for the purpose of hemostasis”.

Listeners asked their questions to the speakers and got detailed  responses to them.