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The Week of Kindness, organized by DSMU Volunteer Center has ended




The events organized by the Volunteer Center of Dagestan State Medical University within the framework of the “Week of Kindness” dedicated to the World Volunteer Day have come to an end. Throughout the week, activists held various actions, games, trainings and master classes, which were aimed at popularizing the volunteer movement, informing the population about leading a healthy lifestyle and forming an idea of kindness as one of the most important human qualities.

 An interuniversity intellectual Brain-ring game “ZaZOZH” was held among students of Dagestan State Medical University, Dagestan State University, Dagestan State Pedagogical University and Dagestan Basic Medical College in the assembly hall of the biological building of Dagestan State Medical University.

 8 teams took part in the event: “Base” from DSPU, “404” from DSU, “Immunity” from DBMC, “Gentlemen”, “Leave it, I’ll give it”, “Fast and Furious”, “Gallaghers” and “Sprats” from DSMU.

During the game, each team tried to show a high level of erudition and the best result. It is worth noting that such games train memory, develop thinking and dexterity, broaden horizons, as well as teach teamwork and improve communication skills and erudition.

  The next event within the framework of the “Week of Kindness” was a master class for children with disabilities “Give a second life to garbage”. This event was held in order to instill in children a careful attitude to nature and its inhabitants. The volunteers told the children about how important it is to be attentive to nature and together with them made toys out of plastic bottles and cups, thereby giving garbage a “second life”.

  Then, the activists of the Volunteer Center held an action “Check your English”, where students checked the level of English proficiency among students of  Dagestan State Medical University. The campaign was aimed at arousing the interest of the younger generation in learning foreign languages by demonstrating their significance and relevance.

The final event of the “Week of Kindness” was the action “Thank you to the doctors for their help”. On the first day of the action, volunteers held a thematic class hour in “Gymnasium No. 17”. The students told the schoolchildren about the profession of a doctor and the children, in turn, prepared postcards for our superhero doctors, handing them over to the reliable hands of volunteers. On the second day of the action, a school group of medical volunteers visited the burn intensive care unit, the emergency department and the gastroenterology department of   A.V. Vishnevsky Republican Clinical Hospital. The doctors were expressed gratitude which, in turn, they were deeply touched by.

«The International Volunteer Day» is celebrated annually on December 5.

Volunteers are people who work tirelessly for the benefit of society. In this field of activity, you can see gratuitous work, truly numerous and diverse.

I would like to congratulate all the activists of the Volunteer Center and other student organizations on our holiday! I wish that you have enough time and energy for everything  that you planned. So that all your actions always end with a personal victory. Be always in action, in any situation, no matter what circumstances. I am sure that our mission will always be fulfilled  and our efforts will be appreciated. I hope that your example will be indicative for everyone, let your heart never become callous, and your vital energy will never fade away!

In conclusion, I want to say that you need to do good deeds and help your neighbors and those in need every day!”, – the head of the Volunteer Center Asiyat Abakarova addressed the volunteers.