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VII “Dobrokhotov readings” dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Dagestan  State Medical University and the 80th anniversary of the birth of Professor Tazhudin Mugutdinov



    The VII “Dobrokhotov Readings” were held in the small hall of  the State Republican Russian Drama Theater named after M.Gorky  dedicated to the 90th anniversary of  DSMU and the 80th anniversary of the birth of Professor Tazhudin Mugutdinov.

    The Department of Nervous Diseases, Medical Genetics and Neurosurgery of Dagestan State Medical University has been the initiator and organizer of the “Dobrokhotov Readings” for many years which are attended by leading domestic and foreign neurologists and neurosurgeons from all over Dagestan, guests from neighboring North Caucasian republics, as well as students, residents, teachers and heads of departments of Medical University. The name of the event is associated with the name of the first organizer and head of the department, an outstanding Russian neurologist Mikhail Dobrokhotov.

    It should be noted that the presidium included Acting Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Head of the Department of Normal Physiology Razin Ragimov, Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic of Dagestan Raisa Shakhsinova and Head of the Department of Nervous Diseases, Medical Genetics and Neurosurgery Burliyat Abusueva.

The meeting of the conference, as a rule, began with welcoming speeches by the members of the presidium.

    Razin Ragimov greeted the participants and guests of the conference on behalf of the Acting Rector of  DSMU Visampashi Khanaliev. “The founder of the “Dobrokhotov Readings” is the much-respected Burliyat Abusuevna, for what  I am very grateful to her.

   It not only helps us to honor the memory of our teachers, but also multiplies the traditions of the department. The unforgettable V. Lichtenstein was a student of  M. Dobrokhotov  and the latter’s students are a whole galaxy of neurologists who have left a bright mark in the history of medicine, which we are certainly proud of. I think today’s conference will bring great benefits to all those present, success to all and thank you!” he said.

On behalf of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Dagestan Tatyana Belyaeva, her deputy Raisa Shakhsinova spoke: “I am incredibly pleased that we honor the memory of our scientists and doctors who made a huge contribution to the development of healthcare in the Republic of Dagestan.  And it is very gratifying that  “Dobrokhotov Readings” have become our good tradition of our republic. Separately, I would like to say about the role and contribution of Tazhudin Magomedovich Mugutdinov. He brought up a whole generation of Dagestani neurologists, the range of scientific interests of the professor has always been quite wide but his main goal was to apply the knowledge and achievements of science for the development of practical healthcare and the introduction of achievements in every village, in every medical organization, to every specialist who works at the practical level of healthcare and directly assists the patient. At the end of the introduction, I would like to wish everyone fruitful work, new knowledge, more strength and energy, success in achieving their goals and, of course, health to everyone – both doctors and patients.”

   Head of the Department of Neurology of  Faculty of advanced training of  DSMU also welcomed the participants and said that the diseases studied by neurology are recognized as the most common in the world and do not depend on age, gender, but negatively affect the work of the immune, endocrine, cardiovascular systems and are fraught with severe complications. At the same time, she added that significant progress has been noted in the development of neurology due to the improvement of diagnostics and timely detection of pathogenetic diseases of the nervous system.

The conference also included a photo exhibition “First among Equals” dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the birth of Honored Scientist of Dagestan, Honored Doctor of Russia Professor Tazhudin Mugutdinov.

Then the participants attended a delicious coffee break organized by activists after which they made prepared reports: B.A. Abusueva – “Professor T.M. Mugutdinov: doctor, scientist, mentor”; Head of the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery with a postgraduate course of Astrakhan State Medical University (Astrakhan) V.V. Belopasov – “Chronic cerebral ischemia: a new look at therapy”; Professor of the Department of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Medical Genetics of the Medical Faculty of   Russian National Research Medical University (Moscow) named after  Pirogov  P.R. Kamchatnov – “Back pain: the problem of pathogenetic therapy”; chief freelance specialist-neurosurgeon of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of  Dagestan, Head of the Department of Neurosurgery named after   A.V. Vishnevsky  of  Republican Clinical Hospital (Makhachkala) Sh.M. Sadikov – “Surgery of the vessels of the head and neck”; head of the Neuroclinic and Professor Yakupov, (Kazan) E.Z. Yakupov – “Syndrome of Autonomic Dysfunction – the problem of “three-letter”Diagnosis”; Senior Researcher at National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences named after Primakov ; Senior Researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow), S.B. Manyshev – “Medical science in the province in the era of Stalinism”.

During the conference, a wide range of topical issues of modern neuroscience was discussed: diagnosis, treatment and prevention of acute and chronic disorders of cerebral circulation, pain syndrome and neurotrauma, epilepsy and polyneuropathy.