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VII round table “Russian-Chinese scientific and technical cooperation in the field of development and implementation of high technologies”



The VII round table “Russian-Chinese scientific and technical cooperation in the field of development and implementation of high technologies” was held in the ZOOM-conference mode on 5th of July .The event is organized by the Russian-Chinese Association of Medical Universities (RCAMU). The purpose of the event is to demonstrate the high potential of commercialization of Russian, Chinese, as well as joint Russian-Chinese innovative developments and projects, to discuss the prospects and difficulties of their implementation, as well as issues of training qualified personnel for high-tech and innovative industries by universities of the two countries.

General Consul of the Russian Federation in Harbin Vladimir Oschepkov , Deputy Director of the Department of Science and Technology of Heilongjiang Province, Director of the Department for Foreign Specialists of Heilongjiang Province Shi Zhaohui , Vice Mayor of  Harbin Tang Lewei  addressed the participants of the round table with a welcoming speech.

The round table presented the Russian-Chinese regional dialogue “Innovation, Cooperation, Information Exchange: Mutual benefit and mutual success”. The event was attended by more than 133 universities, including Dagestan State Medical University. Applications on various topics were submitted from all participants of the RCAMU.

DSMU presented the project “Development of barrier and biocompatible nanofilms A1203 and Ti 02 for use on medical implants”. The product developed by DSMU scientists can be used by consumers in the field of medicine all over the world. The main consumers are manufacturers of medical devices, medical organizations and patients with hernia defects. The purchase of the product can be made through cooperation, contacting a pharmacy or ordering on the official website. The main purpose of the material is implantation during surgery to remove a soft tissue defect.

Recall that the Russian-Chinese Association of Medical Universities (RCAMU) was established in 2014 on the initiative of Sechenov University and Harbin Medical University with the task of advancing the development of healthcare in  two countries. In accordance with the Joint Statement of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China, the focus is on expanding cooperation on scientific research, encouraging direct contacts and cooperation between specialized medical organizations of both countries. RCAMU strives to achieve its goals through the exchange of best practices in the field of life sciences.