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We are the best in Russia!



   Dagestan regional branch of the All-Russian public movement “Medical Volunteers” became the winner in the competition for the Best regional branch of the “Medical Volunteers”-2022.

  The All-Russian public movement “Medical Volunteers” annually holds a competition for the best regional department. 40 participating regions submitted a record number of applications in 2022.

Within the framework of the international forum of civic participation #MYPLACE  the results of the work of all-Russian public movement medical volunteers   for 2022 were summed up, which takes place in the Moscow Central Exhibition Hall “Manege” from December 4 to 7. Before the forum, medical volunteers held a traditional meeting of the movement’s volunteers. Participants were evaluated based on the results of the work of the regional office throughout the year, including the directions of movement, the number and format of events held, the involvement of volunteers and participation in federal projects.

The purpose of the competition is mainly to identify, analyze and disseminate the best practices of the regional branches of   “Medical Volunteers” in the field of medical volunteerism, to stimulate the development of the regional branches of   all-Russian public movement medical volunteers.

Medical volunteers are one of the largest volunteer organizations in Dagestan. With the support of the Ministry of Youth and the Ministry of Health, 23 branches have been opened in the region on the basis of medical secondary specialized educational institutions, Youth Affairs Committees and schools, uniting more than 6,000 activists. Every year, about 30 thousand people receive the help and support of medical volunteers.