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Dentistry Faculty of Advanced Training and Professional Retraining of Employees



 Professor Abdurakhmanov Ahmed Imanshapievich is the  laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Dagestan, Head of the Department of Dentistry of the Faculty of Advanced Training and Retraining of the teaching staff of the Institute of Additional Professional Education, chief freelance dentist of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Dagestan, Director of the “Institute of Dentistry” at  Dagestan State Medical University, Member of the profile commission of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation in the specialty “Dentistry”, Excellent Health Worker of the Russian Federation, Honored Doctor of Dagestan, Honored Worker of Education and Science, doctor of the highest category.

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Department staff









The Department of Dentistry of the Faculty of Advanced Training with three courses: therapeutic, orthopedic and surgical Dentistry was organized by Order of the Ministry of Health of the RSFSR No. 458 of June 04, 1985. Currently, the department has two courses: therapeutic and orthopedic dentistry. The course of surgical dentistry was transferred to the specialized student department. The department was later renamed to the «Department of Dentistry of the Faculty of Advanced Training and Teaching Staff». The founder and organizer is Professor M. M. Makhov, who headed the department from 1985 to 1998.

Together with him at the origins of the development of postgraduate education in dentistry of the Republic of Dagestan were Associate Professors: Abdurakhmanov A. I., Murtazaliev G-M. G., Gomerstein V. A., Akhmedkhanov A. S., Salikhova M. M., Gazimagomedov A.M., Nurmagomedov A.M. A little later, the department was joined by Candidate of Medical Sciences Adzhiev K. S., Candidate of Medical Sciences Kishev M. M., Candidate of Medical Sciences Kurbanov O. R., Candidate of Medical Sciences, Candidate of Medical Sciences Adzhieva A. K., Sutaeva T. R.

The department is headed by Prof. Abdurakhmanov A. I. since 1998.  The department is equipped according to the staff schedule. It consists of: Doctor of Medical Sciences – 1, “Honored Doctor of Dagestan Republic” – 3. Six employees have the highest qualification category. All teachers are selected on a competitive basis. Their basic education corresponds to the profile of the discipline. Professional development of scientific and pedagogical personnel is carried out on the bases of central universities Dagestan State Medical University. All employees, including senior laboratory assistants have a specialist certificate.

Department stuff:


  1. Abdurakhmanov A. I., – Head of the Department, Professor
  2. Kurbanov A. R-Professor of the department
  3. Murtazaliev G. Ii. – Associate Professor.
  4. Salikhova M. M.-Associate Professor
  5. Nurmagomedov, I. M.-Associate Professor
  6. Kishev M. G- Associate Professor
  7. Adzhieva, I. V.-Associate Professor
  8. Gadzhiev F.O-Associate Professor
  9. Shikhnabieva E. D.-Associate professor
  10. Daniev N. M. – senior laboratory assistant
  11. Dzhambulatov M. A.- assistant
  12. Kudaev D. M.- assistant
  13. Sutaeva T. R.- assistant
  14. Mugadova L.S.- assistant
  15. Mugadova D. V.- assistant
  16. Magomedova L. M. – senior laboratory assistant
  17. Zakaeva A. R.- teacher
  18. Mamaeva S. R.- teacher
  19. Gasangadzhieva K. A.- teacher
  20. Shtanchaeva M.- senior laboratory assistant
  21. Magdiev R.- senior laboratory assistant

Currently, the department consists of 2 Professors, 7 Associate Professors, 4 assistants, 4 senior laboratory assistants, 3 preparators, 1 equipment engineer.

The clinical bases are 2 state dental institutions of the Republic and 6 private clinics of Makhachkala, on the basis of which clinical residents are trained.

Medical bases are equipped with modern dental equipment and necessary consumables.

Educational work.

The main directions.

The main directions of postgraduate training of specialists at the department are:

professional retraining;

general improvement;

thematic improvement;

short-term cycles;

postgraduate study;

clinical residency.


Cycles are formed based on:

annual reports of medical institutions;

applications of healthcare managers;

long-term professional development plan;

on the personal initiative of dentists working in the system of extra-budgetary health care.

Employees of the department take an active part in additional forms of professional development of dental specialists, such as:

organization of product presentations of various foreign and domestic companies;

clinical conferences on all sections of dentistry

thematic seminars for dentists of the republic.

preparation and publication of educational and methodological literature approved by the educational and methodological association