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Operative surgery with topographic anatomy



General information

Head of the Department: M. G. Akhmadudinov, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor

Address: 367012, Republic of Dagestan, Makhachkala, Lenin square1, Dagestan State Medical University, Department of Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy

Phone: (88722)67-50-25

Fax: (88722) 67-08-09

E-mail: dgma@list.ru ; Kiblaev_Ilyas@mail.ru

Responsible for the site: Ilyas Gadzhiyevich Kiblaev



The Department of Operative Surgery with Topographic Anatomy was established in October 1935. In the formation and development of the department, Professors played a huge role: N. I. Odnoralov, Ya. G. Savitsky, P. F. Makletsov, A. I. Tsanov, S. I. Vladimirtsev, S. I. Rizvash, G. D. Vaulin. The department was headed by the Honored Doctor of DASSR, Honored Scientist of DASSR, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor M. O. Makhachev from 1960 to 1991. Associate Professors at the department were: M. A. Patakhov, A. Z. Aliev (5-time world champion, 9-time champion of the USSR in freestyle wrestling); assistants-G. G. Magomedov, G. D. Hasanov, A. A. Aliskandiev, A. A. Chudinov, G. M. Omochev, A. A. Saidov.

The chairs were headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor M. A. Patakhov  from 1991 to 1998. Associate Professors  were M. G. Akhmadudinov, A. A. Aliskandiev; assistants-M. O. Omarov, G. C. Ragimov, I. G. Kiblaev.

The department occupied part of the left wing of the first floor of the biological building until 1974. After moving to the morphological building in 1974, it significantly improved its conditions and now has everything necessary for fruitful educational and scientific work: 2 operating rooms, a scientific laboratory, an X-ray room, a darkroom, a laboratory for functional research, a microsurgical laboratory, study rooms and a museum of surgery.


The main topics of scientific research are plastic and reconstructive surgery of the digestive and vascular organs, surgery of the reproductive organs, and more recently, operations on the peripheral nerves.

The department has a student scientific circle. Its main topic is fragments of planned scientific research of the department. Such a statement of work justifies itself both in terms of organization and in terms of the future prospects of the circle members. It is gratifying to note that every single employee of the department began their scientific work in the student circle of the department and, as a rule, the work started in the SNK, subsequently ended with the defense of candidate theses.

The department is traditionally an experimental research base for clinicians. So, in recent years, more than 50 people have completed the experimental part of their dissertation research at the department. Only in the last 2 years, 4 dissertations (1doctoral and 3 PhD) have been completed. The new methods, methods and devices developed at the department are implemented in the educational process of surgical departments and in the practice of healthcare in Dagestan, Moscow, and Vladivostok.

Currently, the department employs: Head of the department, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor M. G. Akhmadudinov; Associate Professors-A. A. Aliskandiev, A. I. Shakhnazarov, G. S. Rahimov, I. G. Kiblaev, G. M. Patakhov; senior lecturer-M. O. Omarov; assistants-A. A. Saidov, A. M. Akhmadudinov. Over the past 5 years, 25 educational and methodological works, tests to identify the level of mastering the discipline in practical classes and control the final knowledge and skills of students in all faculties have been developed and published.

The department constantly conducts educational work: additional consultations for low-performing students, curatorial work, hiking trips (the Sirius club headed by Associate Professor A. A. Aliskandiev). In recent years, the department’s employees have published 100 works based on the results of their research, including 30 in the central press; they have received 40 certificates for innovation proposals, 30 patents for inventions and certificates for utility models. On the subject of scientific work, the department cooperates with the clinics of the Moscow State Dental University, the Department of Operative Surgery of the University “Friendship of Peoples”, the clinic of emergency Children’s, faculty and general surgery, Republican Oncological and urological centers. The department has all the necessary conditions and equipment for conducting a full-fledged educational, educational process and research work.


By the decision of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (Protocol No. 242 of October 12, 2009), Associate Professor of the Department of Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy of Dagestan State Medical Academy Patakhov Gadzhimurad Magomedovich was awarded Certificate No. 00162 and the Alfred Nobel Gold Medal for his contribution to the development of invention.

At the International Exhibition-Congress High Technologies, Innovations and Investments, in St. Petersburg (March 10-13, 2009), in the nomination “The best project in the field of technologies of living systems (biotechnology and medicine)”, for the development of “Devices for clamping, applying ligatures and puncturing vessels”, the authors G. S. Ragimov, G. M. Patakhov, R. I. Ragimova were awarded a silver medal and a diploma of the II degree.