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“Physiology of excitable ways (ECG)”

November 7, 2018 a regular meeting of the student’s scientific circle on normal physiology was held

On the agenda topic was discussed: “Physiology of excitable ways (ECG)” . The meeting was opened by Naida Abdullayeva, the head of the SSC, associate professor of the department of normal physiology, she presented the guests to the audience of the event.
The assistant of the department of therapy of the Faculty of Advanced Training and the teaching staff of the Institute of Continuing Professional Education of the DSMU Shamilova Sabina Gadzhimagomedovna and Abdurazakova Milana Abdurazakovna, the head of the educational department of Medical Simulation and Educational Practice, came to share with students of the 2nd and 3rd courses of the medical university with their knowledge and practical skills in the field of electrocardiology.
Sabina Shamilova told the attendees in detail about the principle of the ECG, how to read the patient’s cardiogram correctly for deciding the correct diagnosis.
Milana Abdurazakova conducted an ECG training, during which she introduced students to the principle of applying electrodes, clearly demonstrating the work of the electrocadiograph. The guys took an active part in the work. Both performances aroused high interest among students.