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The Dagestan State Medical University signed a Cooperation Agreement with Sapienza University of Rome.



On the 9-th of December the rector of Dagestan State Medical University Suleiman Mammayev and the head of the Medical Department of one of the oldest universities in Italy Sapienza University  Professor Sebastiano Filetti signed a cooperation treaty between universities. Sapienza University of Rome was founded in 1303 and during its more than seven-century history has prepared a huge number of world-famous scientists, including about 10 Nobel Prize winners. There are buildings with twelve faculties, including three faculties of the Medical Department, clinical bases of the University, laboratories, sports and public buildings, campuses, the oldest libraries and the most famous University Botanical Garden in Europe on a huge territory in the historical center of Rome.

At the meeting of Dagestan State Medical University’s delegation consisting of rector Suleiman Mammayev, of head Of the Department of International Relations Sajida Khadzhalieva and of head Of the Department of educational and methodical work, of statistics and of education’s  quality control Aminat Karimova with the administration of Sapienza University of Rome, Professor Filetti welcomed the guests, told about the history of the University, its educational, research, technical resources, demonstrated a short film about the University and showed an extreme interest in improving of relations and in realization of international cooperation. Suleiman Mammayev, in turn, introduced his colleagues to our University, and then demonstrated a film about the Dagestan State Medical University.

Our compatriot, Professor of Sapienza University of Rome Jalal Saidbekov participated in the preparation and holding of the ceremony.  For many years, Professor Saidbegov has been working at the University, lecturing on neurology and chiropractic, conducting practice and has gained the respect of scientists around the world.

The issues of faculty and of students’ academic mobility, the most prospective areas for cooperation in the educational and research spheres were discussed during the event.

Professor Stefania Mardente who is responsible for Medical Department’s academic mobility of Sapienza University of Rome told about the types of internships of students, their duration, specificities of training.

The head of Experimental Medicine Center Giuliana de Luca spoke about the importance of interdisciplinary cooperation in research work and proposed to consider areas for collective research activities with Dagestan State Medical University, pointing on immunology and genetics.

The students of Sechenov University, which undergo the short-and long-term internships at the University of Rome, attended the event. Besides, within the scope of this event, a meeting with our fellow countrymen studying in Rome, including at the medical faculties of Sapienza University of Rome was held. The students shared their personal experience and achievements, told about the advantages of such internships and the prospects that they reveal.

After signing the contract at the Institute of Orthopedics and Traumatology at the meeting with the President of the Association of orthopedists and traumatologists of Italy, Professor Giuseppe Constanzo with Professor Saidbegov , with Professor Stefania Mardente and  with delegation from Dagestan State Medical University, the Professor noted the extreme importance of international cooperation. Technical issues of students and teachers’ academic mobility realization, prospects of research cooperation were discussed, the most urgent problems of traumatology and orthopedics for collaborative study were planned.

The universities plan to start the realization of signed agreement, which will definitely, disclose the huge prospects for both students and teachers.