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The DSMU project won a grant at the competition of student scientific societies



The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation organized a competition for student scientific societies for the first time between January 25 and February 25, 2022. All Russian universities with student research societies (SRS) participated in the competition. 100 million rubles (approximately $1.3 million) were allocated in the form of grants for the competition, which were distributed to the best participants. In June 2022, the project “Integration of Student Research Club of medical universities in the North Caucasian Federal District” by the Dagestan State Medical University was awarded a SRS grant of 1 million rubles (approximately $0.13 million). As part of this grant, additional training for members of SRS/SRCs at the DSM’s Center for Advanced Professional Training was planned. The CAPT (Center for Advanced Professional Training) is a newly established regional training facility in Dagestan. The organization’s primary goal is to provide training for personnel in order to meet the region’s economic needs. The CAPT also aims to develop personnel with new skills and competencies that are relevant to the regional economy. Additionally, the organization strives to create a high-quality pool of human capital within the region through its training programs.

In order to implement the plan in accordance with the grant, SRS DSMU concluded an agreement with PSC for a sum of 300,000 rubles. Under this agreement, 100 representatives from SRS/SRC DSMU were sent for training in the following fields: 50 individuals – under an additional educational program titled “Personal Branding” 50 individuals – under a practical training program in the field of “Computer Operators”, with specialization in the areas of “Graphic Design”, “Web Technologies” and “Mobile Applications Development” (https://t.me/copp_05/600https://t.me/copp_05/582https://t.me/copp_05/468).

Based on the results of the training at the end of 2023 in a solemn atmosphere at the II All-Russian Congress on Promising Areas of Medicine Development “Moderna et futura medicina» (https://dgmu.ru/news/v-dgmu-proshel-ii-vserossijskij-kongress-po-perspektivnym-napravleniyam-razvitiya-meditsiny-moderna-et-futura-medicina-s-mezhdunarodnym-uchastiem/) with international participation were issued  certificates of additional professional training. The training will contribute to building human resources, integration and spatial development of competitive youth of DSMU.